Friday, October 3, 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saturday, March 12, 2011

the winner in life is you

you have too stand strong and brave in this life.
as travel these endless roads in life
as then the winner in life is you.
look in the mirror and say to your self
i'am free spirit in life.
and O"please people love me for me in life
because i'am special.
and i love myself because i make people happy
in life.
i put the spark of joy in there life with smile
of everlasting of love.
remember people love you for you because you are you
in life.
because the winner in life is you
and people love me for me.
because i respect people in life.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

flower how lovely thy be by dennis gunsteen

flower flower
how lovely thy,be
in the spring you,
warm the women soul.
of all colors of rainbows.,
with delight,thy show
what love is.,oh surely
put that spell upon women soul.
with warm scent of magical
beauty,that bring peace
to my lover heart an lover
ever so much more.thank you
flower magical angel
of the spring.
by dennis gunsteen

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

magical place by dennis gunsteen

Take me to the magical place
of your heart.
in land of make believe
my tender love of june.
can you hear birds sing,
my love of june,so sweep me
off take me to this
magical place my love,over
the rainbow an to the sea of
my endless dream i'll be,
hold in arms, by the the land
of make believe,alway love you
by dennis gunsteen

Saturday, April 10, 2010

yee greenyard witch by dennis gunsteen

yee greenyard witch,
place a spell upon,
thor meadow poor old soul.
he was a brave young soul.,
yee greenyard witch,
dance on every one soul.,on thee autumn
feast day which be O'day.
O'spirts rise from thy endless
graves. of thy ancient
timesO'Thy goblin O'spirts.
hear thee music above thy trees.
yee greenyard witch she dance in the
meadow,on this cold dark.
night by thy cliff by thee castle.,of the
sea of life, my dear old friends.
watch thy children thee moonlite nights.
yee greenyard witch live once again.
by dennis gunsteen

O'Thee sleepless hour by dennis gunsteen

O'Thee sleepless hour.
O'Thy moonlite nite,
by the passing hour.
O'thy ancient soul of thy.
deadly hour,drink thy,
wine,by thee moonlite nite.
only time will tell O'Thee.
sleepless hour,by thee.
moonlite nite,O'ancient soul.
of thee night.
by dennis a gunsteen